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Angela Kapudija

- Health retreat cook

- Specialty in Raw Cakes

- Catering for functions, parties, retreats and corporate events

- Private cook in your home

- Live food demonstrations

- Conscious Dance facilitator

Angela completed her studies in Nutritional Medicine and Microbiology with a passion to assist individuals back to optimal thriving health by using the philosophy “food is medicine”.

She opened a market stall in Sydney, the Centre Coast and Newcastle which provided healthy organic, whole food, gluten free, sugar free cakes, pre-made meals and snacks, where her raw cakes and tahini balls were a top pick at markets.

Angela has experience in catering at yoga retreats and other health events, providing nourishing whole foods to support the workshop activities, ensuring everything is made with the intention to provide good digestion and assimilation for each participant, therefore sustained energy levels and clarity of mind during their stay.

Her meals have been praised for there delicious flavours and worldly wonders. Angela’s influences and experience are diverse and she is happy to tailor your needs in accordance to your event. Her specialty in catering for veganism, vegetarian, raw foodies, paleo diets, Ayurveda style, sugar free, gluten free, grain/legume and nut free ensures all meals will not only look and taste amazing, but be healthy for you.

Angela believes that to embrace good health we must look at food from nature as nutrition. Being a passionate foodie she incorporates the philosophy that good health begins in the gut, great health begins in the mind, a happy belly is a happy body and mind.

Angela’s Contact information:

Mobile: 0415 43 42 43



Leanne Johnston

Leanne Johnston is the founder of Sustainably Nourishing, she holds Advance Diplomas in Nutritional and Herbal Medicine, is a Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Australia, and has a certification in Nutritional Farming, expanding on her knowledge of the ecology of food and medicinal herbs.

Leanne has had many years nourishing on Yoga and Health and Wellness retreats, with many different principles – Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, vegan, vegetarian, raw food

She is an intuitive nourisher and healer.

Leanne has explored many principles and systems of belief and continues to come back to and journey into a more simplistic fundamental way of living. That each of us are ultimately unique and therefore our needs for whole wellness are unique to us. That we know, intrinsically what it is that we need and that the journey to self-mastery is learning to listen to the wisdom within, dismantling the layers of belief systems that limit.

Leanne is available for consultations via skype or email.

Sustainably Nourishing



i: Sustainably Nourishing


Sarah Parsons

- Raw food Plant-Based Chef

- IIN Health Coach

- Yoga Instructor

- Reiki Healer

- Whole Foods - Plant Based -Vegan Advocate.

Sarah and her Husband Ben opened New Earth Cafe in Coolum Beach 4 years ago, offering a 100% organic, whole-foods, Gluten - free, Dairy - free, Sugar - free, plant- based breakfasts, lunches, smoothies, cold pressed juices and delicious treats to the sunshine coast community.

She also hosts raw nights every month and caters private events, retreats and functions. She teaches regular raw cooking classes, juicing & detox classes and health coaches on a weekly basis.

“Food is our medicine, and we definitely are what we eat and what we are able to absorb, I create delicious home made food that nourishes your body, mind and soul and allows you to reach your highest potential and be the best version of yourself that you can be!”


Shop 7 Birtwill Street, Coolum Beach QLD 4573

Sarah: +61(0) 408279150

Ben: +61(0) 439 850 980


Shambhala Farm.jpeg

Shambhala Farms

Shambhala Farm’s FarmBox is about Real Wholesome Food on your doorstep.

Access fresh produce grown as sustainably as possible, as locally as possible. Produce is grown partially at Noosa Hinterland’s Shambhala Farm, as well as accessed from our network of Sustainable Food Hub growers. Produce is grown with a variety of sustainable methods using principles of ecology and biological controls that replenish soils, and are ethical, responsible & practical, and most importantly, allow nature to be the key farmer.

FarmBox groceries bring wholesome nourishment to your pantry; from the basics like milk, sourdough bread and eggs, to fermented health kicks like sauerkraut and kombucha.

With easy online ordering, complete your weekly order by 10am Wednesday and start cooking from Friday night when your FarmBox arrives on your doorstep.

Join Shambhala Farm’s community of 500 Sunshine Coast households supporting local and Australian growers and producers who care about the earth and our health!

Sign Up today to access our farm shop on the this link