Dear Guest


Guest Value Statement

Our value here at Amara Retreat is that you have the best experience and as part of that experience we have provided beautiful coconut oil based body and hair wash which accords with our philosophy of doing no harm to our earth. 

Our bio cycle septic system is based on friendly bacteria digesting our waste water and filtering it through natural sands to feed the trees through a sprinkler system. If chemicals enter this system they will kill the bacteria and cause the bio cycle not to function properly. The waste will ferment and cause bad smells. We then have to spend a big amount of money to have the waste removed.

Therefore we ask you to treat yourself to a fully immersive experience here at Amara leaving behind your products that may harm our system. This may very well include body creams, face wash, soaps and shampoos. Come treat yourself and embody all that Amara's beauty is. This has a double benefit for us as we know our bio-cycle septic system runs best on the products provided (as ultimately our waste gets regenerated as our grounds water source) and you get the added bonus of not having to pack your particulars and we promise they are allergy free and are all part of the Amara charm. And, you can enjoy pure rainwater fed showers with the added bonus of tapping into the mindfulness of saving water and feeding your skin and body with chemical free pure water.