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Cancellation Policy Explained

You pay a 50% deposit to secure a hold on the dates. If someone contacts us and wants to confirm a booking with full payment for those dates, you then have the option of confirming the booking through full payment, move your dates or get a full refund of your 50% deposit. If you decide to keep the booking you will need to pay the full amount, at which point the entire amount becomes non-refundable. 

The 50% deposit is otherwise non-refundable unless we are able to rebook your dates from the point of you deciding to cancel the booking. In the meantime if you decide to move your dates and we haven’t had another enquiry for the dates you are able to move your dates. You won’t be able to move dates once fully confirmed.

Let’s say you confirm your booking through full payment and then need to cancel, we would then endeavour to rebook your dates and if successful would then refund your money, otherwise it would become non-refundable.

 We urge Facilitators to pass on these booking conditions to their guest as it inspires confidence and full responsibility. You can download the Retreat Mag we have put together, which has a sample T & C form as well as great info on how to run successful retreats.

We are aware that it can be anxiety provoking to have these kinds of firm T & C’s and some facilitators feel they may lose bookings with these strong requirements. There is a great deal of cost and time involved in preparing Retreats and we would like to inspire confidence in you as the facilitator to be able to run successful retreats. It is why we have put together the Retreat Mag.

As we are an exclusive hire to you; meaning you have the exclusive right to the venue for your retreat we have no other income apart from your booking for those dates. If we reject bookings that are willing to confirm through full payment in favour of someone not able to confirm, and do not want a full refund of their 50% or move their dates, and then cancel on us, then we won’t be able to keep Amara running.

It would be the same for you. If your clients cancel on you short before the retreat and you offer them a full or even part refund and you could have booked it out with your waiting list, then you also may find it difficult to run retreats. Letting people know that your T & Cs are firm, and when required full payment is due, will also inspire commitment from your clients. And, it’s generally not about the cost but about people’s reluctance to commit to taking part in a Retreat, i.e. committing to put energy into themselves for the benefit of evolving.

I hope this helps.